Mohammad Sanat Shargh Manufacturer of circular barbed wire (ax, laser) and linear (ordinary) Manufacturer of gabion, fence and press nets Mohammad Sanat Shargh Mohammad Sanat Shargh Co Manufacturer of gabion, fence and press nets

Mohammad Sanat Shargh


Mohammad Sanat Shargh Company was established and put into operation in 2008 with the aim of producing various metal and wire products. The company was initially established in the southeast of the country (Sistan and Baluchestan province) and in the neighborhood of Pakistan and Afghanistan, relying on great efforts and successful production. Mohammad Sanat Shargh, according to the needs of the east of the country, first started producing various types of press nets and fence nets, and gradually, with the efforts of the region’s youth and relying on the knowledge of local experts, succeeded in producing new products in one of the most deprived and least enjoyed. Became the most beloved provinces of the country, namely Sistan and Baluchestan.

In 2018, in accordance with the goals and strategies of Mohammad Sanat Shargh Company and in line with the social responsibility of this organization, the CEO and Board of Directors of this company took an important step to generate employment, independence and increase exports from Sistan and Baluchestan province with appropriate investment. They started to produce galvanized wire, which is needed by the country’s mother industries, and thus, with the opening of the first phase of this large project, Mohammad Sanat Shargh Production Company entered the market of galvanized wire and gabion nets and other similar products.


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Production of galvanized wire, black wire, baked wire, linear barbed wire (ordinary barbed wire), ring barbed wire (needle and ax barbed wire) as well as presses, fence netting and gabions based on modern technology

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By producing with quality and with the care of the Almighty God, we will achieve our long-standing dream of building a wire city in our beloved Sistan and Baluchestan.